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From The Ski Diva Forum

Hi everyone! I was looking at the Women’s Alpine Adventures at Okemo today and noticed there was a spot in this week’s clinic. I registered, but there is very little… [...]

I arrived in Taos Ski Valley on Sunday morning, only to discover that the holiday blackout on my pass extended until Monday (duh), so I had a day to hang… [...]

Finally got in my first ski day this season, including a group lesson that turned into a private lesson . I’m in fitter-fitted newbie boots (Salomon S/Max 90 with custom… [...]

Hi all, We are flying with our own skis/boots for the first time and have a hard sided wheeled case for both our skis but now I am trying to… [...]

Took DD skiing tonight. Before we left, I challenged her to leave her comfortable green run and head down a few blues. HAHAHAHAHAH, as you will see, joke’s on me.… [...]

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